AntipodeanSF | ISSN 1442-0686 | February 2023


Issue 293

25th Anniversary Edition

Cover Artwork by Rhiannon Stevens


Greetings and salutations. Thanks for visiting AntipodeanSF. You are about to launch into an adventure with Australia's longest running online speculative fiction magazine.

That's right, 25 years and almost 300 issues and we're still devoted to the regular monthly publication of fabulous and original science-fiction, fantasy, or horror mini-stories of about 500 – 1000 words each, with occasional feature stories of 2000 words and beyond.

Issue 300 and 25th-year celebration! All stories from this issue (marking 25 years of publication) and Issue 300 (marking simply that many issues, in September this year) will be compiled into a print anthology celebrating these markers in the ongoing success of AntiSF.

Of course, I would never have been able to sustain this magazine without its voluntary contributors — without you there is no magazine, no show, nothing. To all contributors past, present and future, my sincere and heartfelt thanks for keeping this project afloat and making it great!

If you are considering making a submission to Issue 300, please do that soonish. That issue, like this one, will feature works from antipodean (global southern hemisphere) residents only. Issue 300 will also be open only to past contributors. So get writing...and be included in the dead-trees-and-ink anthology.

Here's a promise: AntipodeanSF will continue to be free of advertising, and adhere to our central notion:  to be a collaborative creative commons work whose authors gift to you mind-altering speculative ideas — downside-up!

Now, why not read fifteen of the best right here in AntipodeanSF.



AntipodeanSF Issue 1

25 Years of AntiSF!

Above is the contents page of Issue #1, from February 1998. Click the image to read it at the National Library of Australia if you like.

That very first issue, online in February 1998, featured only two stories. Thank you sincerely Edwina and Rakel...

The magazine grew slowly over the years along with the popularity of the internet itself, initially featuring mostly Aussie authors, but later widening the authorial net to the anti-antipodes, and if you believe what you read in the author bios, even the far side of the moon!

The Stories