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Coming In Issue 199

Getting Tickled
by Natalie Satakovski

Only The Best
by Shaun A Saunders

Flawed Justice
by Rob Bleckly

The Venusian Artist Residency
by Robin Wyatt-Dunn

by Ed Errington

The Driving Lesson
by Liz Sawyer

The Right Decision
by Andrew Barnett

Freezer Burn
By Timothy Gwyn

The Day Jupiter Burned
David Kernot

Trophy Hunting
Chris Andrews

The Arms Dealer
Harris Tobias

December 2014

Speculative Fiction
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Bang or Blang?

December Radio Shows

Sargas December 6
Outer Edges - by Pavelle Wesser
How Fluffy Ruined My Reputation - by Wes Parish
IDIOT - by Jason Butterfield
The Bay It Buzz - by Harris Tobias

Avior December 13
Murder Of Crows - by Jeremy Szal

Alhena December 20
The Only Skill - by Zeb Carter
Hatracks & Junkyards - by Tom Grayhorse
Human Shapes - by Sean Mulroy

Peacock December 23
The Severed Finger - by Grant Terry
Famine - by Kevin J. Phyland
Good Intentions - by David Scholes

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