Yen-Lo-Wang in "Scream Weaver"

By Steve Pool

sfgenreEven gods take vacations, so when Yen-Lo-Wang sent a divine email suggesting a “Spring Break” trip to Las Vegas to a few of his friends — Ho-Masubi, the Japanese god of fire and volcanoes; Eris, the Greek goddess of strife and discord; and Namtar, the Mesopotamian god of disease and pestilence — the idea was quickly agreed upon. With much pleading, Yen even convinced Kali, the super-hot, famously dismissive Indian goddess of death, to come along. Rumour was that Yen had been trying to win her favour for five centuries, ever since the two had met at one of the DeathCons.

Yen chose his travelling companions for their devil-may-care attitudes and their willingness to take things too far. After four days of non-stop eating, drinking, gambling, karaoke crooning, fighting, getting arrested, starting a jailhouse riot, escaping from jail, playing a few rounds of Russian Roulette, gambling some more, stopping a casino robbery before robbing said casino themselves, leading the police on a high-speed chase, then barhopping some more, the five of them sat in a 24-hour diner, bored out of their minds.

“Sooo,” Yen nervously asked, “...everyone still having a good time?”

He didn’t need a reply. He knew his party boat was sinking fast. How did the mortals do it, taking a boring two weeks away from their rewarding jobs and routines, and not lose their minds?

Ho, who loved Korean gangster films and dressed the part, yawned, causing a burst of flame to erupt in the back of his throat. Eris, a Joan-Jett-look-a-like rocker girl, somnolently emptied sugar packets, one after another, into a cup of coffee that she was never going to finish. Kali, figuratively and literally drop-dead gorgeous in her black leather pants and cut-too-low tank top, was busy giving attention to her phone. Namtar, currently going through a hipster phase, offered Yen a reassuring smile. “Hey man, this has been an absolute blast.” Pushing up his vanity glasses and reaching for his pork-pie hat, Namtar made to leave. “But I was just thinking that it might be time to head back. Mom and Dad are watching my insects, and Mom hates them. She’s always looking for reasons to throw them out.”

Yen knew he had only one chance to keep his vacay from abruptly ending. To get and keep a god’s attention, one must ask about that god’s exploits. So Yen got them talking about their most precious treasures and how they were acquired. Ho told a story about liberating a beautiful pearl dragon’s egg from the fiery heart of Mount Aso after making a drunken bet with the God of Mischief Amatsu Mikaboshi. Eris told of playing with a Grateful Dead cover band along the River Styx and afterwards getting Jerry Garcia to sign her guitar. She’d later demolished ten blocks of downtown Hades during the afterparty. Kali snorted when asked about her favorite treasure and resumed browsing on her phone. Namtar told the story of how he’d once snuck a magic saddle onto the back of a scorpion man and rode him around during Burning Man. The two later became friends, and the scorpion man had bequeathed Namtar his beautiful ebony stinger, capable of penetrating battleship steel, upon his passing. Yen told a story about how he’d bottled the tears of a dying angel on a battlefield. He’d promised her that he’d deliver that bottle to her true love but then had put it in his pouch and had forgotten. When he had come across it two centuries later, he’d been too embarrassed to deliver it to the kami she’d loved, so he’d just kept it for himself.

Kali finally spoke up. “Great story....” She sounded even more bored than she looked.

“See, that’s what happens when we don’t have any mortals around to validate our greatness,” Yen replied. “These are great stories, but they just sound like regular exploits to us gods.”

Ho, Eris, and Namtar nodded.

Yen’s eyes suddenly sparkled. “I...have an idea! We all represent different aspects of death and destruction. Let’s have a contest to see which of us can get a mortal to scream the loudest. What better validation is there than that? And...we can sweeten the deal by wagering the treasures we just mentioned.”

After bickering over the details, the group, except for Kali, agreed to the bet. A scheme to stage an audition for a fake movie titled “Scream Weaver” was agreed upon. Each god would use his or her gifts to induce a chilling scream from one auditioner. To avoid troublesome questions from The Powers, it would be a scare-only contest — no actual harm would come to the humans. Despite declaring that the contest sounded “lame”, Kali agreed to be the judge and hold the treasures.


Melanie couldn’t believe her luck. She had come to Vegas with her girlfriends for the weekend to blow off of some steam — and to make Brad jealous. That she was now auditioning for a Hollywood movie at the Palacio Hotel was beyond crazy.

The hot Asian guy — literally, as his skin was super-warm to the touch — handed her a script and told her to relax and just be herself while reading the lines.

“Are you ready, Melanie?”

She beamed. “Yessir!”

When he gave her the go-ahead, Melanie took a deep breath and looked down at the page…


Melanie and Brad breathe hard, scrambling down the mountain as fast as they can. It is a complete fluke that the summit crumbles away and the dormant volcano erupts on the very weekend of their camping trip. As they flee, she begins to doubt that they will make it out alive. The air grows hotter and more poisonous by the second, and now the ground breaks apart under their feet. They lose sight of their friends Diane and Rick just as the four of them run into a thicket of trees at the top of the ridge. Melanie prays for their safety.

Brad stumbles and falls to his knees. Melanie crouches beside him, and tugs at his shirt to get him on his feet.

With sorrow in his eyes, Brad says, “It’s all my fault....”

“Wh..what’s your fault?”

“Well, not my’s my dad’s. He’s been secretly mining the mountain even though he couldn’t get any permits approved. Too geologically unstable, the inspectors said. I guess they were right....”

“So...your dad caused...this?”

“Yes,” Brad replies. “And it feels good to get it off my chest.”

Melanie can’t believe what she is hearing. “Are you crazy? Your dad triggers a volcano and you feel good admitting it?”

Brad smiles. “Confession is good for the soul. And while I’m at it, I have one more confession to make...I slept with Diane...and Rick.”

Melanie punches Brad so hard that he tumbles backwards. A crevasse opens up behind him, and Brad plunges, screaming, into a sea of molten rock.

Dumbstruck, Melanie can only stare for what seems like a long time before finally protesting. “Hello...? Hello? Hey, I wanna stop now. I’m sorry, but this script really isn’t working for me...oww!” Melanie looks down and sees that her arm was singed by a drifting ember. “Hey, this isn’t funny anymore.”

Looking around, Melanie realises that she is no longer in the hotel but is, instead, on the side of an actual erupting volcano. Panic-stricken, she begins to sprint once again down the slope, screaming for rescue.

Something heavy slams into the back of her head, and she falls facedown onto the now-muddy slope, which was dry only moments before. Sitting up, she has just enough time to see a wall of wet, flaming mud choked with broken trees and boulders engulf her like a tidal wave. Her screams of fear and anguish are cut off by the hot slag that fills her nose, mouth, throat, and lungs…


Ho lifted an unconscious Melanie over his shoulder and dropped her onto a sofa at the back of the room. The others congratulated him on his fine results. Kali, however, only seemed mildly impressed. She held up a scorecard imprinted with the number “7”.

“Seven? Didn’t you hear her...?” Ho’s complaint was cut off by Kali’s glare. “Seven it is. Seven is very fair.”

Eris got an airman named Scott, who was stationed at nearby Nellis Air Force Base. Her script turned him into a helicopter pilot flying combat missions over a nameless, dark jungle. After shooting down all of the enemy helicopters, Scott thought that he’d won the day until they all rose and attacked again, as zombie helicopters. Scott also tried to end his audition at that point and screamed protests as his now-flaming helicopter crashed into the jungle below and exploded. For her effort, Eris got an “8” from Kali, partly because Kali liked the idea of zombie helicopters and made a mental note to experiment with such things.

Namtar’s script was especially disturbing since it involved exposure to parasitic, mutating worms contracted from the bad food at a cheap buffet. Caroline, his unfortunate victim, actually vomited all over herself in real life and not just within her own illusion, where she had been devoured from within. That garnered a round of applause, even from Kali. But unfortunately for Namtar, Caroline’s throat was too clogged to give an effective scream, so he was only given a “4”.

Yen got to work with a pretty blonde named Mickey, a girl who probably had a good chance of landing a role in a real movie, especially if she decided to get “friendly” with the casting agent. Yen sighed at that lost opportunity.

Handing her the script and a small mysterious packet, he whispered into her ear. She grinned and gave him the thumbs-up.

“Okay, Mickey, whenever you are ready.”

“Got it. I’m so excited.”

She hopped around a little bit, cleared her throat, and grew deathly still before entering into Yen’s illusion. The other gods wondered what Yen had in store. They knew he could be especially cruel when his honor or a bet was on the line. Eris, still in the lead, looked on nervously.

Moments later, with her eyes popping open in sheer terror, Mickey fell to her knees and loosed an ear-piercing shriek. It was instantly clear who had won the contest even before she collapsed. Yen smiled as he picked her up and moved her to the couches in the back.

“Shimatta,” Ho yelled out, “what did that girl see in your spell!?”

Namtar grinned. “That was totally wicked, brah. Congrats.”

After they had memory-scrubbed the victims and sent them away, Kali announced that Yen had indeed won and handed the prizes over to him.

“Thanks, beautiful,” Yen said, handing the pearl dragon egg back to her. “For you, for being a right and fair judge.”

Eris made a face while muttering under her breath. Yen stepped up to her and extended his hand.

“Fine,” Eris allowed as she shook his hand. “Nice job, Yen. You continue to live up to your reputation as one super-disturbed motherfu—”

She never got to finish her sentence, as Ho and Namtar bellowed, “Cheater!”

A flaming katana appeared in Ho’s hand. Namtar had drawn a similarly wicked-looking scimitar.

“I did no such thing,” Yen replied. “My girl screamed louder than any of your auditioners did. We never said anything about why.”

Now Eris caught the gist, and the three of them tackled Yen and gave him a vicious beating.

Kali grinned as she looked down at the dropped script Yen had given Mickey. On it, he had written, “You can keep the $1,000 if you act terrified and scream your head off. Good luck, and tell no one.”

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steve pool 150Steve Pool is an urban fantasy and horror writer, photographer of nouns — persons, places, and things — and gaming geek. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Robin. You can read more about him on his website at: <>.


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