Goblin Hunter

By Joseph Sullivan

sfgenreThe wizard stood still; her apartment deliberately arranged in the perfect image of a filthy mess. Papers were scattered everywhere, books were strewn about, drawers were open, her tools laid out as though they had not been used in days. She grinned to herself and laughed with the smug satisfaction of intellectual victory. Reltanna Lirane knew she had it this time.

Suddenly, her triumph was disrupted by a knock at her door. Oh, come on, not now! She waded through the clutter on her floor to get to her door, managing to wrench it open ever-so-slightly, pushing aside a pile of plates on the ground.

“Sorry, I’m really busy right now, you’ll have to come back later,” she said quickly, hoping to dispose of the unwelcome presence. “I’m in the middle of a breakthrough!”

“A…what?” The soft voice was familiar to Reltanna; it was none other than Gelvan Thorndike, her neighbourhood’s local priest, who often intruded upon her work with concern for her wellbeing and scepticism of her sanity. “Reltanna, open the door, your neighbours have started to complain…”

“You think I care? This is the second time this week I’ve heard that!”

“Just what are you doing in here…” Gelvan pushed his way in, then immediately stopped when he saw the devastation. “By all the gods…”

“Does it surprise you when I say that I’m really not in a position to deal with company right now?!”

“Well…” Gelvan turned to her, his face filled with caution. “Either you’re deliberately trying to ward off company, or you’ve let yourself go even more than usual…” he looked her up and down, evidently taking note of her shabby robes and messy hair.

“Once again, you fail to understand …” Reltanna shook her head. “I’m not a slob for no reason! I’ve set a trap, you see…”


“A goblin trap,” Reltanna explained, the satisfaction of being smarter than him never ceasing to amuse her. “A place like this? Ideal conditions for one of those little tricksters to appear, and when it does, I’ve got the perfect spell prepared to capture it! With one of them captured, I’ll have opportunities for research that half the other wizards can barely dream of…”

“So you’re intentionally trying to bring a malicious entity into the area,” Gelvan grimaced. “This will go so well…”

“Just you wait and see!”

“Well, good luck with your studies,” Gelvan went to leave. “You should know that—”

Suddenly, the sound of glass breaking immediately drew all of Reltanna’s attention away from whatever Gelvan was saying and to her bedroom around the corner. It worked!

“Out of the way!” Reltanna pushed Gelvan out of the way. One chance here…

Reltanna frantically sprinted through her apartment, trying to move past her own belongings, almost tripping over as she went, but picking herself up all the same. She swung around the corner and into her bedroom, where, sure enough, there was a mischievous little green goblin dressed in the colourful clothes of a jester, jumping on her bed with a wicked grin.

“Oops,” it said in a rasp. “Broke your whiskey there…”

“Got you now!”

Reltanna raised her hands as if to cast a spell, hoping to provoke the goblin into trying to flee. Sure enough, it worked, as the goblin leapt over her, jumping off her shoulders, to escape into the living room to undoubtedly cause more problems. For real this time, then. With it already believing itself safe, Reltanna cried out with glee the incantation she had been preparing for just this moment, and shot a burst of energy from her hands, freezing the goblin in the centre of the room.

“Aha!” Reltanna could not contain herself. “Ahahahahaha!” She turned to a shocked Gelvan. “See, I told you I wasn’t mad!”

“I didn’t say you were…”

“You were thinking it,” she snarled, smirking as she said it. “But now who’s laughing? Oh, that’s right! Me!”

She turned her attention back to the goblin. “Now you! I hope you’re ready to answer a lot of questions about how your weird little goblin magic works, or else you’re about to become the test subject in a lot of experiments that I don’t think you’ll be too fond of…”

A loud rattle from Reltanna’s kitchen cabinets interrupted her rambling. Now what? Briefly forgetting that there should not be anything in her cabinets at all that should make any sort of rattle, she looked up and prepared to cast a spell, but before she could think of an incantation, another goblin leapt out of it, hitting her over the head with one of her own wooden spoons. In the shock, she tripped over again, and when she looked back up, infuriated, the goblin had freed the other from her spell.

“Come, my brother, let us flee this place,” the second goblin laughed. “This one’s no fun now that she’s angry!”

“I’ll show you angry!” Reltanna leapt to her feet, but in that moment, the goblins leapt out her window, breaking the glass, and fled out into the street.

She stood still, trying to focus enough to contemplate the results of her experiment in her head.

“Well, that was something…” came Gelvan’s voice again.

“Yeah, and some help you were!” Reltanna barked.

“My apologies,” Gelvan bowed. “It seems you were right about this. Too right, in a way. I shall leave you to your business, but please, think about what I’ve said this time…”

Reltanna did not even bother to answer him as he left. Forget him, she told herself. Her experiment did work, the only issue was that it worked too well. But she knew that that itself was a result: she knew how to attract goblins, and with any luck, could repeat the experiment, and perhaps capture one. Or two. Or three!

She smiled to herself as she looked out her own broken window. I’m a genius, she reminded herself. And those goblins better not forget it.

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About the Author

Joseph Sullivan

Joseph Sullivan is a 21-year-old writer and filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia, currently in his third year of university studying for his bachelor's degree in film and television.

He is an avid reader and writer of speculative fiction, and you can find his work at <https://josephsullivanwriter.blogspot.com/>.


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Joseph Sullivan is a 21-year-old writer and filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia, currently in his third year of university studying for his bachelor's degree in film and television.

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