Issue 300

By Michael Barry

Found in an inverse-time capsule from the Tricentennial year, 2088
(Progressive lyrics, same old tune)

Austrayans, let us all have choice 
For us all, free of class
But not for us a jot of tax 
Just pull it from our arse!  
(With growing debt then let us sing 
Advance Austraya, where?)

For pirate ships from 'cross the seas 
We've stolen land to spare 
We chased them off in chains, with shot 
Now: can they prove it's theirs? 
Eureka's flag cries "Liberty!"   
For fascists old and new  
(Let's bitch and whine 'bout fairness now
Advance Austraya, where?) 

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross 
Unique in our great skies
Except for fifty other lands 
Plus R'lyeh yet to rise! 
For Cthulhu sing: f'thagn you! 
Cry madness to the skies 
(Then let us tear flesh underwear 
Beneath His howling skies!) 

When Elon drops us off to Mars 
In fragrant smoke we'll land 
And make those Martians pull our carts 
With their nine-fingered hands 
We'll praise them with enormous burps
And pat their flowered heads
Then we can wash our hands in turps
And bang them till they're dead 
(Let's blast and shoot, then stab and loot  
Then burn their empty beds!)  

We'll rage across the Milky Way
Nuke-vaping everything! 
For Elon-Gates the Third we pray 
Long Live our Kingly Queen!  
The radiant cosmos all is ours  
And never shall we learn 
We are afraid of nothing now
But babies made of sperm 
(Sperm babies are against Gog's will
Where does the cabbage grow?) 

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About the Author

freud cigarMichael Barry grew up in rural New South Wales and in Papua New Guinea, arriving in Canberra after a short but glorious career of truck-washing and toilet-cleaning in the Australian Army.

Michael worked as an economist and technical writer, and later taught maths until he realised that a person with 'the innocence of a child' is in fact a sociopath. Writing releases Michael's own inner child.

Michael enjoys long rambles on moonlit nights, relishing in the taste of human flesh. He does, however, experience a degree of inner conflict.


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    Laurie Bell lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the author of "The Stones of Power Series" via Wyvern's Peak Publishing: "The Butterfly Stone", "The Tiger's Eye" and "The Crow's Heart" (YA/Fantasy).

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