The Stories

By Wesley Parish

sfgenreI trudged up Mt Stromlo. At the top, I had been informed, was the man I had been searching for for all these many long years, the quintessential Aussie — Saltbush Bill himself. None other.

My partner had dropped me off with the usual warning: "Be back by 10 pm or I'll lock the doors — I'm sure one of the astronomers'll give you a lift home."

By George Nikolopoulos

sfgenreMagdalena could swim before she could walk. She could hum the songs of the sea before she could speak. When she cried, her tears were the salt of the ocean.

She didn't remember her mother. Υears ago, a storm had swept her father to the shores of Galaxidi, baby Magdalena in his arms. Father had sailed all over the seven seas, but he never set foot on a boat again after that. A carpenter now, he wouldn't stop talking about the sea — and yet, in all the stories he told Magdalena, he never once mentioned her mother or the shipwreck.

By Eugen M. Bacon

sfgenreATLAS PROMETHEUS was not born Prometheus for nothing. His grandfather was a chef, as was Atlas’s dad, who owned a restaurant.

In defiance of tradition, Atlas veered into computing, light-years from the food industry. His mother never let him forget how that defiance had brought about his father’s migraines, his grandfather’s depression and subsequent death. A death the doctor had attributed to old age but Atlas (and his mother!) carried doubts.

By David Scholes

sfgenre“Several of the leading CEO’s are showing resistance,” said my sidekick.

“Which ones?” I asked.

“Bloord of Teleportation Inc and Svelten of Telekinesis Pty Ltd are leading the charge.”

How dare they? The sheer temerity of those two vastly privileged individuals.

By Simon Pinkerton

sfgenreThe Magiclock 3000 blinked 0300 hours, 2nd of Junetember 2017, as the man/filing-cabinet hybrid Trout Handfoam hung upside down and suspended from what was basically a giant tie-rack for people, in city block Roman Numeral 12.

"May as well start the day," he mumbled to himself, although "day" was a bit of a misnomer since the polar ice melts made loads of water go up in the air or something, making it dark most of the time.

By Simon Petrie

sfgenreThe earlier Jupiter mission hadn’t gone brilliantly; nonetheless, the 9000 Series of Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computers were still the machines of choice for spacecraft systems control at the time of Humanity’s first manned mission to another star system. The Discovery Nine starship would carry a crew of six, scrupulously chosen after exhaustive psych screening and years of training. The mission to the planets of Proxima Centauri was to be one-way, and considerable thought had gone into ensuring that the eventual colony would be as well-equipped as was feasible.

By Tony Owens

sfgenre‘I’m afraid it’s just not going to work,’ said Vassali, the circus strong man.

Klinko, the King of Klowns could only nod in agreement. All day he and Vassali, had been watching various acts audition for Hernandez’s Circus of Terror. This last candidate had been their best hope, but it was not to be. They made their way down from the back row of the big top seating. In the centre ring, a mouse held an elephant aloft with one tiny paw.

By Kim Rose

sfgenre“Is this the place?” Karetta whispered.

“Yup,” Gerry said softly, bringing his van to a stop. He pulled it in under a hanging tree, off the edge of the dirt road. This was where he had been rolled a number of times in the last three weeks.

Gerry knew what he’d been doing wasn’t legal — he’d been selling goods under the table. Trimming off the top, only the amount covered by insurance, so the company wouldn’t lose money.

By Sue Clennell

sfgenreJane's parents used to rent out a house. They gave it up when the last tenant disappeared owing them money, and they found the place trashed. Towel rails were ripped out of the wall, and all the furniture, even the electric lightbulbs, were gone. All that remained was a broken wooden clock on the floor.

It was a stylish timepiece, so Jane’s mother and father took it home to have it repaired.

By Benjamin Hayes

sfgenreJon, Elise and Cactus set forth into the pine plantation in search of buried bullion, supposedly pillaged by highwaymen a century ago, and then forgotten to the earth.

The three of them circled back to their camp around midnight after Elise led them astray. Cactus leaned against a tree, smoking a cigarette, frustrated. “Nice one, Elise. You should have listened to me.”

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