The Stories

By Pascal Inard

sfgenreCaptain Hadoki checked the graviton generator, the most important piece of equipment on the Starship Collingsworth, the first manned ship powered by dark energy, named after the quantum physicist who had discovered how to harness dark energy for interstellar travel.

If the graviton generator failed, the ship would be ripped apart in less than a microsecond by the energy that battles against gravity to expand the universe.

By Russell Hemmell

sfgenreNano-organisms arrived first, carried by the winds and disguised as pollen. Tiptoeing on plants and meadows, they scattered over the eight corners of the planet, blossoming into unusually colourful flowers.

Nobody paid attention.

By Willow Schafer

sfgenreJohn grunted and muttered, “Not here.” Jamison Kelly wasn’t in the primary control room at his usual station, although the picture of him and his new wife was tacked to the wall nearby. The brown-haired and freckled Jamison — an electrical engineer — glared back at John from the image. He chuckled. That picture was Jamison’s most prized possession. Once, the printout had simply fallen to the deck and the man had almost panicked. The newlywed was having trouble closing the immense gap separating Earth and the space station.

By Benjamin Hayes

sfgenreAlthough the initial results were promising, Alex Beam began experiencing some unexpected side effects. He consulted his general practitioner about his terrible mood swings, during which time the emotion repressor underwent some technical examinations itself, in its country of origin.

His doctor, a timid man, sat behind his desk. He scrolled through pages of literature people and organisations had published about the so-called miracle device on the internet.

By Ivan Bucalo

sfgenreWhat is humanity?

That word conjures, to me, images of love, laughter, pain, and tears. Sigmund Freud thought that the death drive, the urge for self-destruction, was as powerful as the urge to reproduce. This seems less paradoxical to me everyday, and more like a bad practical joke on God’s part. I see a storm of contradictions trapped and reverberating against one another on this great little microcosm we call planet earth, and I wonder if it’s all worth it in the end just so we can call ourselves human.

By Brian Biswas

sfgenreThe night the aliens came I was sitting on my front porch, looking out over the cornfields. I saw the constellation Orion low in the eastern sky and a fuzzy patch near the middle star in the sword: the Orion Nebula, a stellar nursery. And from the tip of the sword came a blinding flash, a shooting star that streaked across the sky. It seemed so inconsequential; it had happened many times before. How could I have known it was the place from where the aliens came?

By Daniel de Cullá

sfgenreThe Orient Express is a luxury keeping our attention on the syntax of rails from Paris to Stamboul.

Boarding the train in Paris: Agatha Christie, Drakula, James Bond and Graham Greene, in conjunction with our kisses, which rejoice and sing to the compass of chacacha, the chacacha of train: How pretty it is to travel when we go entrain!

By Paul Alex Gray

sfgenreYorke turned the hairclip over in his cracked hands. It was just a simple thing, barely visible in the gloom. He needed no light to know it. Three yellow flowers on a frayed pink fabric band.

He’d carried it across the country. Over the ocean too. He’d clutched it close when he was nearly beaten to death in the desert by a roving gang. He’d kept it hidden in his boot when he dove into shark-infested seas from an overcrowded trawler taking on water.

By David Scholes

sfgenreAfter the Judgement, Joy and I headed for the only place on Earth that might offer sanctuary.

“What gets me,” said Joy, “is these judges don’t carry out the sentence themselves.”
“Oh noo!” I replied, “that would be beneath them. They would never dirty their hands. World destroyers, but never responsible.”

By J.M. Williams

sfgenreTyal struggled to break free from the sticky bonds of the dense web. The strands were not loose like ropes, but rather tight and vibrant like violin strings. They stuck to his limbs and body with a thick and messy adhesive. Tyal had long since stopped thinking about what had brought him to this desperate point; he needed to focus all his mental acuity on the only important issue — escape.

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