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By Robin Hillard

sfgenreThe hardest part of my sentence is leaving the kids. While I am being stripped and searched, they’re asking their father about my empty chair. When they are older will they doubt my guilt?

I had an alibi. I was at my neighbour’s house when the bank was robbed, but what was her word, against a printout of from the robocop, that identified my DNA?

By Zebuline Carter

sfgenreDawn hesitated at the door to her daughter's bedroom. There was no putting it off any longer. The day — that day — had come. With a final sigh and a clenched fist, she opened the door. “Sweetie,” she said, her voice trembling, “it's time to get up.”

A bundle of blankets shifted slightly in the darkened room.

By Kevin J. Phyland

sfgenre“Before you start,” I said, “I'm not ready.”

They looked at me the same way some other idiots might look at them thirty years from now. When they deliver the ‘news’. But that won't happen to them.

By Nicholas Sheppard

sfgenrePlease do not reply to this e-mail, it said, This e-mail address is not monitored.

Well, that's a refreshing attitude, I thought! If it's not the government or one of their three-to-four letter agencies, it's advertisers, giant corporations, scammers, or that nosy bastard Jim down the road, all wanting to monitor my e-mail, and probably phone calls and text messages too. They’d probably put closed-circuit television in every room in my house if they could.

By Ed Errington

sfgenreEverybody in the multiverse has their perfect mate, perfect partner, or so they say — somewhere. A lucky few may even meet them within the multiverse’s trillion or so habitats.

Thanks to the 23rd century’s Fakebook dating, (based on truth alternatives and much else) many life forms do manage to get together — bridging great distances. Until Fakebook, the multiverse was awash with a great many unhappy beings.

By George Nikolopoulos

sfgenreGeneral Zirkon-4G36/155 stands alone on the top of the hill, watching the battlefield. Dispassionate, he glances at the carnage all around. Metal and plastic strewn everywhere, silicon chips melted down. The enemy carried the day again, as they always do. They are so vulnerable in their soft fleshy bodies, but still so unpredictable; each time they do the unexpected, ever surprising his best strategists.

By CpSIngleton

sfgenreHe'd heard the well-used adage that they were the windows to the soul, but Gavin Daye didn't expect to be dragged deep inside to see the painful birth and torture of such a concept.

They were enjoying a drink in Swanker's Fritter; a new gastro-pub in the town centre. It used to be a Blockbuster, before the idea had evaporated into the myths of stock exchanges long gone.

By Marco Smith

sfgenreRisk! That was the key. It produced the crucial ingredient. The drug he sought, desired, craved. The hunger ran through his body, an itch that could only be silenced by drowning under a tidal wave of adrenaline. That high made him feel invincible, like he could achieve anything. Today that 'anything' was to conquer the impossible Rockfort Ridge.

By Jason Lenzo

sfgenre"You may not shift the first go," Amos said with a smile. "It took about twenty or so goes to shift the apple, I couldn't get the alignment right."

"What happens to me if the shift fails?" I asked with a nervous laugh.

"Oh, nothing. Nothing happens, well, not nothing. If I haven't aligned the array just right then you sort of semi shift."

By David Scholes

sfgenre“There are a lot of them,” I said looking at the long rows of time capsules.

Joy and I opened the two units closest to the entrance to the Vault.

“Crude exo-skeleton-boosted light armour,” I said examining the first capsule. “I’d say circa 2025.”

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SF News

SF News

Melbourne International Film Festival - SciFi Marathon & Retrospective
August 3 till 20 2017, various Melbourne venues. Massive Sci-Fi Retrospective featuring many of the genre’s most groundbreaking, influential and important films alongside some of its most inventive and entertaining.
Two major highlights of the program are the festival's first-ever all-night cult Sci-Fi Marathon at The Astor; and a special screening of René Laloux’s mesmerising ‘70s landmark Fantastic Planet, with an original score courtesy of Melbourne space rockers Krakatau under the aegis of the Hear My Eyes collective. More information at MIFF's SciFi Page. <>.


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CSFG/Conflux 13 Short Story Competition
Conflux wants your stories of 4000 words or under, in any speculative fiction genre, on this year’s theme, which is, BLOOD, GOLD, LIES. More information here: <>

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Nullus Anxietas VI
The Discworld Grand Tour — The Lakes Resort Hotel, West Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia on 4-6 August 2017.  More information: <>.

Conflux 13 (2017)
Grimmtales. Canberra 29 September through to Monday 2 October 2017. Guests of Honour: Ellen Datlow, Angela Slatter, Kaaron Warren. You can now read the provisional program here <>. More information: <>.

Genrecon 2017
State Library of QLD 10-12 November 2017. More information <>.

Swancon 2018 (NatCon)
Transmogrification. Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth. (Easter) 29 March to 02 April 2018 . Guests: Kameron Hurley, Ryan Griffen, Barb de la Hunty. More information: <>.

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